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Advantages of Pulsation Damping for Hydraulic Driven

3.2.3 Concrete pump with a check valve and a pulsation dampener A High Pressure Dampener can be added to the concrete pump to further reduce peak pressures. This is the most efficient pressure peak damping system for concrete type pumps. The High Pressure Dampener is a

Study on Effect of Relief Groove Angle Expressing the

The objective of this paper is to study on the effect of the relief groove angle expressing the position in reducing noise of a swash plate axial piston pump. The relief groove is an important structure for reducing noise. Unfortunately the effect of the position of the relief groove is quite seldom explained in research reports. This paper focuses to this problem.

Effect of Height on Pumped Concrete Placing At Highrise

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Vibration analysis of the steel shell flow tube in a

Feb 05, 2021 · Design scheme of steel shell flow tube in the inflow and outflow passage of the vertical axial pumping stations takes advantages of conventional concrete scheme in simple construction and convenient installation of the pump. A three-dimensional pumping station model was established based on fluid-structure interaction method in ADINA. Typical measure points were selected to analyze the

Single stage concrete pumping through 2.432 km (1.51 miles

Dec 01, 2015 · This paper describes the execution challenges faced during single stage pumping of concrete through 2.432 km. Pump and pipeline selection and installation, materials' development, establishing of control points and controlling variations are discussed.Concrete responses to weather changes play a vital role in concreting and pumping methodology development.

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Jul 27, 2012 · The lubrication layer facilitates the pumping of concrete through pipes. If no lubrication layer could be formed, the pumping pressure would be significantly higher to pump the concrete at the same discharge rate. Some authors take the effect of the lubrication layer into account by introducing a slipping or sliding velocity [18, 19, 24, 30, 31].

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Many practical aspects of processing fresh concrete depend on its rheology, such as the pumping of the material. It is known that a lubricating layer is formed in the process, which significantly reduces the pumping pressure. However, these phenomena can hardly be considered in the usual rheological measurements. A main problem is the optical inaccessibility of the material, which prevents

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The present invention discloses a method and device for suppressing vibration of boom of concrete pump truck, in which the boom cylinder is connected with the vibration suppression cylinder; the information about hydraulic pressure in the boom cylinder and/or about changing of concrete pumping direction is monitored by a pressure sensing unit in real time; the monitored information about

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Operation . Piston pumps and plunger pumps are positive displacement pumps, meaning they use contracting and expanding cavities to move fluids.Specifically, they are reciprocating pumps, which have cavities that expand and contract in a reciprocating (back and forth; up and down) motion rather than a circular (rotary) motion.For more information about this category of pumps, visit the Positive


When pulsation occurs, fluctuating pressures and flows are superimposed on the steady-state values. For example, since the fluctuations are sinu-soidal in nature, the pressure at a given point can be expressed as follows: (1) Where: P (t) = Pressure at a given point as a function of time PSS = Steady-state pressure PCYCLIC = Fluctuating pressure (pulsation)

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Sidewinder Concrete Pump Concrete Pumping Sidewinder Concrete Semi Truck Hydraulic. long boom pump mobile pump. boom truck is widely applicable on sites, especially for large construction projects. As we all know, the boom pump is mounted on truck with long boom for operation. also the significant reason why a lot contractors are keen on this type

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In addition, the hardened concrete stuck in the pipe would cause more problems for the next pumping operation because the concrete in the tube will be loose and block the pipe. 3. Admixtures. Generally, admixtures are used in most applications, and they certainly influence the pumpability of concrete.

Peristaltic pumps – a review on working and control

Peristaltic pumps can be distinguished by many points. One of the most important differences can be characterized by tubing. From this aspect two types can be distinguished: the tube pumps and the hose pumps. The difference between them is the hose pumps contain a pump segment, which is a reinforced tube, called hose.


4-16 INTRODUCTION The Allentown Powercreter pump is a high-pressure, hydraulically powered piston pump for the mixing, pumping, or spraying of concrete, grout, mortar, and refractories. This manual describes the operation, maintenance, and safety considerations that must be followed.

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Dec 24, 2017 · Flow in a pipe Fluid flow in a pipe depends on the pressure applied, the radius of the pipe and the viscosity of the fluid. For a Newtonian fluid, the flow is directly proportional to the viscosity, which is a constant. For a non-Newtonian fluid having a viscosity that depends 3 upon the shearing stress, like grouts and concretes, the flow rate is a complicated function of the viscosity.

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Sep 10, 2021 · Concrete pumping is a widely used process in the construction industry and can be used for: Manufacturing pre-cast and tilt up concrete panels. concrete formwork. slab construction. concrete paving. concrete spraying. Concrete can be pumped in a variety of ways, including